Top 50+ Best Tv Puns, Dad Jokes And Wordplays To Make You Laugh Out Loud

In this very funny pun article, we have come up with and collected the best tv puns, dad jokes and wordplay to make you LOL.

Lights, Camera, Puns! The Top 10 TV Puns That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

1. How does a TV signal propose? With a “marry-oh me!”
2. Why did the smart TV keep winning awards? Because it was always on the right channel.
3. What did the TV say to the remote during a fight? “You’re not controlling me, you’re just channeling your emotions.”
4. Why don’t TVs make good friends? They always screen things out.
5. How do TV chefs make jokes? They stir up laughs in the oven of humor.
6. Why did the TV series go to therapy? It had drama issues.
7. What do you call a lost TV remote? A click of fate.
8. How do you learn geometry with a TV? By watching “The Shape of Things to Come.”
9. Why did the TV get promoted at work? It had outstanding reception.
10. What do you call a TV that tells jokes? A screen comedian.

From ‘Breaking Bad’ to ‘Game of Thrones’: The Funniest TV Show Puns of All Time

1. Why did Jon Snow bring a ladder to the nightclub? To go beyond the wall for a dance-off.
2. How does Walter White like his coffee? With a little “meth-od” to the madness.
3. Why was Sherlock Holmes always invited to parties? He always knew how to “deduce” the right way to have fun.
4. How did Tyrion Lannister use his wine glass as a weapon? He “on-the-rocks” the competition.
5. Why did Daenerys Targaryen apply for a job at Starbucks? She wanted to add “dragon” to the menu.
6. How does a ‘Friends’ fan greet someone in the morning? “How you doin’…at waking up early?”
7. Why did Michael Scott from ‘The Office’ go to the beach? He wanted to “sea” how the sun reflects off his bald head.
8. What did the ‘Stranger Things’ cast do when they got lost in the forest? They asked for directions to the upside down.
9. How did the ‘Sopranos’ family celebrate Thanksgiving? They had a “mob”-ster feast.
10. Why did the ‘Parks and Recreation’ characters go to the gym? To work on their “leslie-sure” time.

Dad Jokes Galore: Hilarious TV Puns That Will Make Your Father Proud

1. Why was the TV set always cold? It had too many channels.
2. Why was the TV show about gardening a hit? It had strong “roots” in entertainment.
3. Why did the TV show about airplanes get canceled? It never really took off.
4. What did the TV detective say to the suspect who was always lying? “Stop spinning plots and start telling the truth.”
5. What do you call a mysterious TV show set in a library? An “open book” full of secrets.
6. Why did the TV cooking show host always make pasta? He was on a “roll” with the dough.
7. How do you fix a broken TV show script? With some “plot twists” and turns.
8. What did the vampire TV show order at the blood bank? A “bloody” Mary on the rocks.
9. How did the TV show about time travel get so popular? It had a killer “timeline” of events.
10. Why did the cartoon TV show characters always get lost in the maze? They were “drawn” to the challenge.

Laugh Until You Cry: The Best Sitcom Puns That Will Leave You in Stitches

1. Why did the ‘Big Bang Theory’ characters always have trouble ordering food? They could never “quantum” enough to decide.
2. How did the ‘Friends’ characters celebrate Halloween? With “costume” drama and candy galore.
3. Why was the ‘Seinfeld’ cast always stuck in traffic? They couldn’t “yada yada yada” their way to clear roads.
4. What did the ‘The Simpsons’ family say when they lost the lottery? “D’oh”-n’t worry, we’ll win next time.
5. How did the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ characters deal with heartbreak? They “legend-wait for it-dary” moved on.
6. Why did the ‘Modern Family’ characters plan an outdoor adventure? They wanted to “break the sitcom mold” and go camping.
7. What did the ‘The Office’ team do when they had a snow day? They had a “white-out” party in the breakroom.
8. How did the ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ squad solve mysteries at dinner parties? With a side of “whodunit” and humor.
9. Why did the ‘Scrubs’ doctors always have the best puns? They had “surgical” precision with their jokes.
10. What did the ‘Parks and Recreation’ team do when they ran out of waffles? They declared a “sweet-treat emergency” and searched for more.

Punny and Proud: Classic TV Show Lines Turned Into Side-Splitting Wordplay

1. Why did the ‘Doctor Who’ characters have trouble sleeping? They were always “time-lord” and couldn’t rest.
2. How did the ‘The X-Files’ agents stay in shape? With a regimen of “mystery” workouts.
3. Why did the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ cast always make jokes? They needed to show some “fang-tastic” humor.
4. What did the ‘Star Trek’ crew say at the intergalactic buffet? “Beam me up some seconds, Scotty!”
5. How did the ‘The Walking Dead’ survivors keep busy during the zombie apocalypse? By playing “hide and walker” with the undead.
6. Why did the ‘Supernatural’ duo always get lost during road trips? They were “destined for detours” and ghostly encounters.
7. What did the ‘Sherlock’ characters do on their day off? They practiced some “mind-palace” relaxation exercises.
8. How did the ‘Downton Abbey’ servants celebrate the holidays? With a “carol”-ing party and tea.
9. Why was the ‘Breaking Bad’ chemist such a hit at BBQs? He had the perfect “meth-od” for grilling.
10. How did the ‘Game of Thrones’ characters order pizza for a feast? They asked for extra “drag-on” toppings and a side of direwolf bread.