Top 50+ Best Serial Killer Puns, Dad Jokes And Wordplays To Make You Laugh Out Loud

In this very funny pun article, we have come up with and collected the best serial killer puns, dad jokes and wordplay to make you LOL.

“Killer Jokes: The Top 10 Punny Serial Killer One-Liners”

1. “Why did the serial killer break up with his girlfriend? He wanted to see other corpses.”
2. “I asked the serial killer what his favorite movie was. He said, ‘Chop-saw.'”
3. “Why did the serial killer always carry a pencil? In case he needed to draw blood.”
4. “What did the serial killer say before going on a run? Time to go for a jog-knife.”
5. “How does a serial killer like his coffee? With a stab of cream.”
6. “Why did the serial killer get into gardening? He had a knack for planting evidence.”
7. “What do you call a lazy serial killer? A slaughternapper.”
8. “Why did the serial killer go to therapy? To work on his stab-ility issues.”
9. “How does a serial killer like his sandwiches? Cold-cut throat.”
10. “What did the serial killer have for dinner? A slice of homicide.”

“Murderous Humor: Hilarious Dad Jokes Inspired by Famous Serial Killers”

1. “Why did Jeffrey Dahmer go to the beach? To have a bite.”
2. “How did Ted Bundy introduce himself at parties? ‘Hi, I’m Ted, Bundy of laughs.'”
3. “What did Ed Gein say to his date? ‘I’m a cut above the rest.'”
4. “Why was Aileen Wuornos bad at baking? She always left a trail of crumbs.”
5. “What did John Wayne Gacy say when asked for a joke? ‘I’m all clowning around.'”
6. “How did Richard Ramirez like his toast? Charred to a crisp.”
7. “What did David Berkowitz say about his career? ‘I’m really gunning for the top.'”
8. “How does Dennis Rader like his coffee? BTK (brewed to kill).”
9. “Why did the Zodiac Killer go to the party? To make some killer moves.”
10. “Why did Charles Manson make a great DJ? He really knew how to mix things up.”

“Laughing in the Face of Danger: Darkly Funny Puns About Notorious Murderers”

1. “Why did Lizzie Borden join a gymnastics team? She had a knack for ax-robatics.”
2. “What did H.H. Holmes say when asked about his hobbies? ‘I’m really into dis-memberment.'”
3. “Why was Jack the Ripper bad at relationships? He always left a bloody mess.”
4. “How did Albert Fish like his steak? Medium rare, with a side of Sweet and Sauer.”
5. “What did the Boston Strangler say at the pool party? ‘I’m really good at making waves.'”
6. “Why did Dr. Harold Shipman make a great pharmacist? He always had the right prescription.”
7. “What did Andrei Chikatilo say when asked about his favorite dessert? ‘I’m a cannibal chocolate lover.'”
8. “Why did Jane Toppan excel at ice skating? She knew how to leave a chilling impression.”
9. “How did Elizabeth Bathory like her baths? Blood-warm.”
10. “What did Vlad the Impaler say about his sword? ‘I’m a real stakeholder.'”

“Deadpan Delivery: Witty Wordplay and Gallows Humor from the World of Serial Killers”

1. “Why did the serial killer take up photography? He had a knack for framing shots.”
2. “What did the killer clown say at the comedy club? ‘I’m here to slay.'”
3. “How did the cannibal chef like his steak? Well-done, with a side of toes-t.”
4. “Why did the hitman open a bakery? He had a real killer recipe.”
5. “Why did the poisoner become a gardener? He enjoyed planting seeds of doubt.”
6. “What did the strangler say when asked about his bedtime routine? ‘I always strangle with care.'”
7. “Why did the killer write poetry? He had a way with murderous words.”
8. “What do you call a serial killer with a sweet tooth? A dessert-er.”
9. “Why did the murderer become a motivational speaker? He really knew how to get to the point.”
10. “What did the chainsaw killer say to the tree? ‘I woodn’t go barking up that limb if I were you.'”

“Slaying with Laughter: The Best Funny Punishments for True Crime Fans”

1. “Why did the true crime fan get a pet snake? They wanted a hiss-ter to the murder scene.”
2. “What did the detective say to the criminal comedian? ‘You have the right to remain funny.'”
3. “Why did the true crime enthusiasts have a laughter yoga session? They needed to decom-pun-ress.”
4. “Why did the murder mystery writer become a stand-up comedian? They had a killer wit.”
5. “What did the forensic scientist say at the comedy show? ‘I’m a real scene-stealer.'”
6. “Why did the ghost investigator start a comedy podcast? They really knew how to spook up some laughs.”
7. “What did the escape room enthusiast say when asked about their favorite hobby? ‘I’m really into lock-and-dark humor.'”
8. “Why did the detective start a pun competition? They wanted to crack a joke open.”
9. “What did the crime scene cleaner say to the comedian? ‘I really mop the floor with my jokes.'”
10. “Why did the true crime fan have a comedy roast? They loved a good pun-ishment.”