Top 50+ Best Pen Puns, Dad Jokes And Wordplays To Make You Laugh Out Loud

In this very funny pun article, we have come up with and collected the best pen puns, dad jokes and wordplay to make you LOL.

Pen Puns that Will Make You Ink-correctably Laugh

1. I’m friends with every pen because they’re very ink-lusive.
2. I was going to tell you a joke about a broken pencil, but it’s pointless.
3. My pen was feeling blue, so I drew it a picture to cheer it up.
4. The pen industry must be booming, they’re always making new discoveries.
5. I thought about starting a new pen company, but that’s just drawn out.
6. My favorite type of pen is a ballpoint because it’s always on point.
7. I wanted to make a joke about stationery, but I couldn’t find the write angle.
8. The pen had a rough day, it just couldn’t draw a line anywhere.
9. When the pen went on strike, it drew a line in the sand.
10. The pen argued with the paper, claiming it had the write to express itself.

Writing Utensil Humor: The Best Pen-tastic Dad Jokes

1. What’s a pen’s favorite vacation spot? Inkognito.
2. Why did the pen go to school? It wanted to improve its writing skills.
3. What do you call a pen that lives in the ocean? An ink-squid-der.
4. How do pens greet each other? They give a writing hand.
5. What do you call a pen that can’t draw? Pointless.
6. Why did the pen break up with the pencil? It felt drawn to someone else.
7. What’s a pen’s favorite music genre? Hip-hop.
8. Why couldn’t the pen access the internet? It got stuck in the search bar.
9. How do you make a pen laugh? Tickling its ink-capacitor.
10. What’s a pen’s favorite movie? The Write Stuff.

Hilarious Wordplay: Top Pun-sational Puns for Pen Lovers

1. I’m drawn to you like a pen to paper.
2. I’m feeling pen-sitive about this pun.
3. I’m all about that ink life.
4. Pens are write up my alley.
5. I’m signing off on these pen puns.
6. This pun is right on point.
7. I’m so pen-thusiastic about these jokes.
8. These puns are pen-tastic!
9. My love for pens is ink-credible.
10. These pen puns are pen-tiful.

Funny and Punny: Pen Jokes That Will Leave You Scribbling with Laughter

1. My teacher told me to stop drawing on my hand. I told her it’s just my pen dexterity training.
2. Why did the pen cross the road? To get to the other write side.
3. I asked my pen how it was feeling and it replied, “Well, I’m just ink-certain.”
4. I tried to write a joke about pens, but it was a huge miss-take.
5. The pen was feeling a bit under the weather, so I told it to draw a rainbow.
6. I’m all about penning my thoughts and puns.
7. I asked my pen to tell me a joke, but it couldn’t find the write words.
8. I was going to buy a new pen, but I decided it just wasn’t write for me.
9. The pen was taking too long to write, so I told it to get to the point.
10. I love pen puns, they always leave me in stitches.

Ink-credible Humor: Unleashing the Funniest Pen Pun Collection

1. I’m feeling a little pen-sitive today, so here’s a pun for you.
2. Sometimes I get so bored, I just scribble with a pen to pass the time.
3. When life gives you a pen, write your own puns.
4. My pen kept running out of ink, it just couldn’t handle the write workload.
5. I’m on the write track with these pen puns.
6. I’m getting to the point with these pen jokes.
7. I asked my pen if it wanted to hear a pun, but it said it had already drawn its own conclusions.
8. I’m feeling ink-credible with these puns today.
9. The pen and the paper had an argument, but they eventually drew a truce.
10. My pen is my write-hand man when it comes to puns.