Top 50+ Best Mango Puns, Dad Jokes And Wordplays To Make You Laugh Out Loud

In this very funny pun article, we have come up with and collected the best mango puns, dad jokes and wordplay to make you LOL.

Munch on These Mango Puns: The Top 10 Juicy Jokes

1. What did the mango say to the blender? “I’ll be smoothie for you!”
2. Why did the man go to the mango’s party? Because he heard the mango was a real peach!
3. How do you unlock a mango’s heart? With the key lime!
4. Why did the mango go to school? To become a little fruit-ition!
5. What’s a mango’s favorite dance move? The mango-licious twirl!
6. Why was the mango always so happy? Because it knew how to appreciate the zest in life!
7. How do you make a mango laugh? Tickling its peel-ings!
8. What’s a mango’s favorite TV show? Game of Pits!
9. Why did the mango go to therapy? To work through its peel-ings of insecurity.
10. How did the mango beat the heat? By chilling with its zest friends!

The Mango Madness: Hilarious Dad Jokes and Pun-tastic Wordplay

1. What did the daddy mango say to its offspring? “You’re a cut above the rest!”
2. Why did the dad mango become a comedian? Because it had a zest for life!
3. How do you spot a dad mango at a party? It’s always telling the pulp-iest jokes!
4. What’s a dad mango’s favorite vacation spot? The mango-rove forest!
5. Why did the dad mango refuse to play hide and seek? Because he didn’t want to be left peel-ing alone!
6. How do you make a dad mango proud? By telling it that it’s moved to the top of the fruit chain!
7. Why did the dad mango get a job at the farm? Because it wanted to be a real fruiture of society!
8. What do you call a dad mango’s favorite outfit? A mang-attire!
9. Why did the dad mango get arrested? For being too a-peel-ing to resist!
10. How did the dad mango help its kids with math homework? By introducing them to the concept of comp-tuition!

From Peel to Pit: Laugh-Out-Loud Mango Puns That Will Make Your Day

1. What did the mango say to the orange? “You’re a-peel-ing, but I’m pit-ty sweet!”
2. Why did the mango go to the superhero convention? Because it heard they were serving justice lemons!
3. How did the mango get famous? By starring in its own reality TV show, The Real Pulp-lication!
4. What’s a mango’s favorite movie genre? A-venture films!
5. Why did the mango bring a ladder to the party? To be the first to reach the mango-topia!
6. How do you make a mango blush? By telling it how peel-lessly beautiful it is!
7. What do you call a mango that’s always late? A procrastinator!
8. Why did the mango refuse to participate in the talent show? Because it didn’t want to be a mango-teur!
9. How did the mango become a successful businessman? By investing in its fruit-ure!
10. What’s a mango’s favorite holiday? Mangoween!