Top 50+ Best Lord Of The Rings Puns, Dad Jokes And Wordplays To Make You Laugh Out Loud

In this very funny pun article, we have come up with and collected the best lord of the rings puns, dad jokes and wordplay to make you LOL.

One Does Not Simply Walk Into These Hilarious Lord of the Rings Puns

1. Why did Frodo sell his camera? Because it was too Hobbit-forming!
2. What do you call a Hobbit with a hearing impairment? Bilbo Hearin’!
3. How does Sauron communicate with his minions? EyeMessage!
4. Why did the Balrog go to therapy? To deal with his fiery temper!
5. What do you call it when Legolas sings? A Tolkien song!
6. Why did Gandalf become a gardener? He had a green thumb!
7. Why was Aragorn always the first to arrive at parties? He had a Strider reputation!
8. How does Gollum invest his money? In precious metals!
9. Why did the hobbit bring a ladder to the bar? He heard the drinks were on the house!
10. Why was the elf so good at music? He had maestro Rivendell!

You Shall Not Pass Up These Side-Splitting LOTR Dad Jokes

1. What do you call a lazy hobbit? A procrastinaTOR!
2. Why couldn’t Frodo shoot his bow? He couldn’t find the One Arrow!
3. How does Aragorn stay in shape? He runs from his responsibilities!
4. Why did the Ringwraith go to therapy? To deal with his existential crisis!
5. How does Legolas get his hair so shiny? He uses elf conditioner!
6. What do you call an orc who loves to garden? Sow-ron!
7. Why did the hobbit start a landscaping business? He had a knack for the Shire!
8. Why did Frodo become a detective? He had a keen Sauron of smell!
9. How does Smeagol stay in shape? He does the Gollum squat!
10. Why did Gandalf make the best party host? He always had fireworks!

A Fellowship of Funny: The Best Lord of the Rings Pun-tastic Moments

1. What do you call a hobbit who’s always late? Fro-don’t!
2. Why was Frodo such a successful burglar? He had a lot of Hob-bit experience!
3. How does Saruman like his coffee? Orthanc and cream!
4. Why did Legolas carry a map everywhere? He didn’t want to get lost in Middle-earth!
5. What do you call a hobbit who loves to bake? Pippin Hot Pies!
6. Why was Gimli always chosen for lookout duty? He had a dwarfing presence!
7. How does Samwise stay in shape? He carries Frodo on his back all the time!
8. Why did Arwen and Aragorn break up? Their relationship had too many Elvish ends!
9. What do you call Gandalf’s favorite snack? Magic Munchies!
10. Why did the Ring need its own personal trainer? It wanted to get in Circles of Power!

From Mordor to Minas Tirith: The Funniest LOTR Puns You’ll Ever Hear

1. Why did Sauron go into real estate? He had a knack for eye-catching properties!
2. What do you call a group of hobbits on a road trip? Lord of the Rings!
3. Why did the hobbit join the track team? He wanted to run to Mount Doom!
4. How does Gollum take his tea? Precious and strong!
5. What do you call a prank pulled by Sauron? An eye-popping surprise!
6. Why was Saruman so bad at hide and seek? You could always hear him Orthanc-ing around!
7. How does Legolas do his laundry? With elf detergent!
8. Why was Boromir always the first to volunteer for dangerous missions? He had a “One Does Not Simply” attitude!
9. What do you call a hobbit who’s a great dancer? A Grodo Baggins!
10. Why did the Balrog go to school? To improve his fiery education!

Gollum-ly Good Laughs: Top Tolkien-Inspired Humor for Fans

1. What do you call it when Gandalf becomes a competitive eater? A Lord of the Wings contest!
2. Why did the hobbit become a stand-up comedian? He had a joke for every hobbit-ation!
3. How does Frodo get his hair so curly? He uses the One Curling Iron!
4. Why did the elf go to the doctor? He had an arrow in his knee!
5. What do you call it when Frodo gets a haircut? A Lord of the Fringe!
6. Why did Sauron become a chef? He had a taste for power!
7. How does Legolas like his steak? Rare-agon!
8. Why did the wizard open a clothing store? He had a Gandalf for fashion!
9. What do you call it when Aragorn sings karaoke? A Strideraoke night!
10. Why did the hobbit open a bakery? He kneaded the dough to save the Shire!