Top 50+ Best Herb Puns, Dad Jokes And Wordplays To Make You Laugh Out Loud

In this very funny pun article, we have come up with and collected the best herb puns, dad jokes and wordplay to make you LOL.

Sage Advice: The Top Herb Puns That Will Spice Up Your Day

1. Thyme is of the essence when it comes to cooking with herbs.
2. Let’s not parsley over the fact that herb puns are the zest.
3. I’m not trying to be basil, but dill with it.
4. Time flies when you’re having herb.
5. Mint to be together like herbs and spices.
6. I rosemaryed you’d appreciate a good herb pun.
7. You should herb it from me first that I love puns.
8. I’m oregano miss out on this opportunity for herb humor.
9. Don’t be a bay leaf and leave, stick around for more puns.
10. Cilantro believe how much herb puns I can come up with!

Thyme for Some Laughs: Hilarious Herb Dad Jokes to Brighten Your Mood

1. Did you hear about the Italian chef who died? He pasta way.
2. My wife told me to stop making herb puns, but I couldn’t bay leaf it alone.
3. Why did the herb go to therapy? It had too many issues to parsley.
4. What do you call an herb that’s too big for its pot? A thyme bomb.
5. I’m not a fan of herb jokes, they make me basil-ly groan.
6. Why did the herb do so well in school? It had sage wisdom.
7. Did you hear about the angry herb? It was a little chili.
8. My garden is overrun with herbs, it’s a dill-emma.
9. Why couldn’t the herb get a job? It had no thyme management skills.
10. What do you call an herb that’s been caught stealing? A basil-lisk.

Get a Kick Out of These Minty Fresh Herb Puns and Jokes

1. What did the herb say to the oven? “Let’s bake something together.”
2. Did you hear about the herb who became a comedian? It had great thyme-ing.
3. Why did the herb bring a ladder to the garden? It wanted to reach new heights.
4. I asked my herb garden for relationship advice, it said to lettuce be happy.
5. What do you get when you cross a herb and a famous actor? Herb Streep.
6. Some herbs are really punny, they’ve got a great sense of basil-ent.
7. Why did the herb refuse to apologize? It had too much pride.
8. I’m fennel-y craving some more herb puns, they’re so refreshing.
9. What’s an herb’s favorite type of music? Rock herb-n-roll.
10. My herb garden is like a library, it’s full of sage wisdom.

Rosemary Glad You Asked: The Funniest Herb-Related Puns on the Internet

1. Did you hear about the herb who won the lottery? It was basil-lucky.
2. Why did the herb break up with the spice? It didn’t make enough thyme for it.
3. I’m not dill-lighted about herb puns, I’m obsessed.
4. What did the herb say to the flower? “You rosemary heart.”
5. How does a herb relax after a long day? It takes a peppermint bath.
6. Did you hear about the herb who joined a gym? It wanted to stay in mint condition.
7. Why did the herb steal the spotlight? It couldn’t bay leaf how famous it was.
8. My herb recipes are mint to be shared with the world.
9. What’s an herb’s favorite subject in school? History, it loves to learn about its roots.
10. I’m parsley in love with herb puns, they’re just so plantastic.

Basil-ically the Best: A Roundup of Side-Splitting Herb Jokes and Puns

1. Why did the herb get all the attention? It was the talk of the garden.
2. I’m thyme-tired of hearing the same herb puns, give me something new.
3. What do you call an herb that loves to dance? A salsa verde.
4. Did you hear about the herb who became a detective? It was excellent at herb-vestigations.
5. How does an herb keep its cool? It cilantro-ols its temper.
6. I’m not oregano-na lie, herb puns are my favorite kind of humor.
7. What’s an herb’s favorite type of workout? Herb-alism.
8. Why did the herb turn down the invitation? It had too many plans already.
9. Why did the herb get a promotion? It rose to the occasion.
10. I can’t bay leaf how funny herb puns can be, they’re truly a breath of fresh air.