Top 50+ Best Elevator Puns, Dad Jokes And Wordplays To Make You Laugh Out Loud

In this very funny pun article, we have come up with and collected the best elevator puns, dad jokes and wordplay to make you LOL.

Elevator Puns that Will Take Your Humor to the Next Level

1. Why did the elevator break up with his girlfriend? He couldn’t handle the “up and down” relationship.
2. I told the elevator a joke, but it didn’t go up well.
3. The elevator business has its ups and downs, but it’s still a lift.
4. Elevator music is so uplifting, it really raises your spirits.
5. Don’t trust the stairs because they’re always up to something.
6. I’m friends with the elevator because it always lifts me up when I’m feeling down.
7. The magician got in the elevator and disappeared because it was a disappearing lift act.
8. The elevator doesn’t judge you, it just lifts you up no matter what.
9. I tried to make a joke about elevators, but it didn’t have any “uplift.”
10. Why did the ghost take the elevator? It wanted a lift to the next floor without anyone noticing.

Going Up: The Funniest Dad Jokes About Elevators

1. What do you call an elevator that’s a fan of music? A lift operator.
2. I told the elevator a joke, but it was just an uplifting father figure.
3. Dad: Elevators have their ups and downs, just like life.
4. Why do elevators make terrible musicians? They can never find the right pitch.
5. Dad: Elevators may be full of ups and downs, but they always know how to rise to the occasion.
6. Why did the chicken take the elevator? To get to the next level.
7. Dad: I used to be afraid of elevators, but then I took steps to overcome my fears.
8. Why did the math book take the elevator? It had too many problems to solve on its own.
9. What do you call an elevator that’s not working? A “stalled” lift.
10. Dad: I used to work in a button factory, but I got a raise and now I’m in the elevator business.

Lift Your Spirits with These Hilarious Elevator Puns

1. Why did the skeleton take the elevator? Because he didn’t have the guts to take the stairs.
2. Elevator: The only place where puns can really push your buttons.
3. What did the elevator say to the annoying passenger? “You’re floor-ing me with your bad jokes.”
4. Why did the elevator get promoted? It was always going up in the world.
5. Elevator: The only place you can press someone’s buttons and get away with it.
6. What do you call an elevator that’s always out of order? A lift in distress.
7. Why was the elevator gossiping? It wanted to raise some “uplifting” news.
8. I heard the elevator’s favorite type of music is “lift” music.
9. Elevators: Where going down is just a step in the right direction.
10. Why did the elevator start a band? It wanted to take its music career to the next level.

Button Up: The Best Funny Remarks for Riding in Elevators

1. What did the elevator say to the squirrel? “I’m nuts about you!”
2. Elevators should be called “tall-tale” boxes because they always have a story to tell.
3. I’ll never take an elevator for granite because it always lifts me up.
4. Why was the elevator always cold? It had the drafts.
5. Elevators: Where you can really push someone’s buttons without getting punched.
6. Why did the elevator break up with its girlfriend? She kept dragging him down.
7. Elevators: The best place to start a new “elevating” conversation.
8. I couldn’t figure out why the elevator was so crowded, then it hit me.
9. Elevators: Where the ride is always “high-larious.”
10. Why was the elevator afraid of commitment? It had a fear of getting stuck in a relationship.

From Basement to Penthouse: Top Tier Elevator Humor and Puns

1. Why did the elevator start a side business selling shirts? It wanted to make some “button-up” money.
2. I tried to tell an elevator joke, but it took me to the fourth floor before I could finish.
3. What do you call a group of elevator enthusiasts? Lift lovers.
4. Elevators: The true MVPs of the building, always lifting us up.
5. Why did the elevator have such a good memory? It never forgets to floor you with its puns.
6. I’m thinking of starting a new business making elevators, it’s really going to lift off.
7. Elevators: Where small talk can really elevate the conversation.
8. Why was the elevator always invited to parties? It brought everyone to the next level.
9. Elevators: Where the only way is up, but the conversation can really take you down a peg.
10. Why did the elevator start working out? It wanted to go from basement to penthouse in one smooth move.