Top 50+ Best Crab Puns, Dad Jokes And Wordplays To Make You Laugh Out Loud

In this very funny pun article, we have come up with and collected the best crab puns, dad jokes and wordplay to make you LOL.

1. Claw-some Crab Puns: A Shell-arious Collection of Dad Jokes

1. Why did the crab never share his food? Because he was shellfish!
2. What do you call a crab that plays baseball? A pinch hitter!
3. How do crabs send letters? With lobster mail.
4. Why don’t crabs donate to charity? Because they are always pinching pennies.
5. What’s a crab’s favorite dessert? Crab-apple pie!
6. What do crabs use to keep in touch with each other? Shell phones!
7. Why was the crab so good at math? Because he was a real number cruncher!
8. How do crabs make a living? They shell-ebrate their jobs!
9. Why did the crab go to school? To get a little wetter-cation.
10. What did the crab do when he saw a shark? He crabbed his pants!

2. Gettin’ Crabby with It: The Top Funny Crab Puns to Make You Chuckle

1. Why did the crab go to the party? He heard it was going to be shell-abration!
2. What did the crab do at the airport? He checked his claws!
3. How do crabs like their eggs? Shell-boiled!
4. What do you call a crab comedian? A shell-out comedian!
5. Why are crabs such great dancers? They have killer claw moves!
6. What’s a crab’s favorite music genre? Rock lobster!
7. How do crabs catch a taxi? They hail a crab!
8. Why did the crab start a band? Because he had a real talent for shell beats!
9. What do crabs do on vacation? They shell-ax on the beach!
10. Where do crabs keep their money? In a shell bank!

3. From Pinchers to Punchlines: Hilarious Crab Jokes That Will Crack You Up

1. How do crabs make decisions? They flip a coin, heads they pinch, tails they snap!
2. What do you call a crab that likes to shop? A retail pinch-er!
3. Why do crabs never give up? Because they always fight until the bitter claw!
4. What’s a crab’s favorite workout? Claw-sthenics!
5. How do crabs stay in shape? They do some serious crab-eating.
6. Why are crabs such bad liars? Because they always get caught red-handed!
7. What do you call a crab that loves yoga? A zen master crab!
8. How do crabs stay organized? They use a pinch of discipline!
9. Why do crabs make terrible secretaries? Because they always lose track of the claws!
10. What do you call a crab that’s good at math? A number cruncher!

4. Don’t Be Shellfish, Share the Laughs: The Best Crab Puns for Every Occasion

1. What do crabs serve at the movies? Buttered claw-nel popcorn!
2. Why did the crab go to the doctor? He was feeling a little shell!
3. How do crabs travel in the sea? They swim with their clawspedes!
4. What’s a crab’s favorite TV show? Breaking Crab!
5. Why did the crab go to the seafood disco? Because he heard they had killer claw-dancing!
6. What do you call a crab with a crown? A royal pinch-ess!
7. Why do crabs never share their secrets? Because they are shellfish creatures!
8. What did the crab say to the lobster? “You’re quite a shell of a friend!”
9. How do crabs take care of their skin? They use shell lotion!
10. Why do crabs make bad poker players? Because they always give away their poker face!

5. Laughing ‘Til You’re Red as a Lobster: The Ultimate List of Side-Splitting Crab Jokes

1. Why did the crab wear sunglasses? To avoid being recognized by his ex-krab!
2. What’s a crab’s favorite beauty product? Claw polish!
3. How do crabs communicate underwater? They use shell-phones!
4. What’s a crab’s favorite subject in school? Claw-culus!
5. Why don’t crabs ever celebrate Easter? Because they’re shell-fish.
6. What’s a crab’s favorite band? The Rolling Claws!
7. Where do crabs go to get a new haircut? The shell-on salon!
8. What do you call a crab who’s a picky eater? A sub-shell-e!
9. Why did the crab go to the beach? To catch some rays!
10. What do you call a crab that’s trying to be funny? A comedi-claw!