Top 50+ Best Blood Puns, Dad Jokes And Wordplays To Make You Laugh Out Loud

In this very funny pun article, we have come up with and collected the best blood puns, dad jokes and wordplay to make you LOL.

Bloody Hilarious: The Top 10 Blood Puns That Will Have You Laughing

1. Why did Dracula become a doctor? He wanted to improve his vein health.
2. When the vampire couldn’t get a date, he was left heartbroken.
3. What do you call a vampire with a high fever? A hot-blooded creature.
4. Why was the blood bank so successful? It had lots of positive feedback.
5. My doctor told me I have Type-A blood, but it’s still my Type-B personality that shines through.
6. The vampire was always in a bad mood because he couldn’t handle the negative vibes.
7. What did the red blood cell say to the white blood cell during battle? “You’re looking pale!”
8. Why did the ghost go to the blood drive? To give his boo-d type for someone in need.
9. After donating blood, I felt light-headed – but at least my good deed didn’t go unnoticed!
10. The vampire bat decided to quit his job as a banker because he realized it was just too draining.

Sink Your Teeth Into These Fang-tastic Blood Puns

1. How do vampires get around on Halloween night? On blood-cycles!
2. When the zombie bit into a tomato, he said it tasted bloody delicious!
3. What does a vampire use to clean their teeth? Fang paste!
4. Why did the vampire subscribe to the newspaper? He heard there were great circulation stories inside.
5. Why don’t vampires donate blood more often? They can’t bear to let it go – they’re too vein!
6. How does Dracula like his steak cooked? Rare – very rare!
7. The vampire comedian’s favorite joke: “I’m so thirsty, I could sink my teeth into something… or someone!”
8.What do you call two vampires who are arguing over who has more bite marks? A fang fight!
9.Why did Dracula start writing poetry about love and loss? Because he couldn’t stop bleeding heart poems out of him.
10.How does a vampire sign off on an email? Bestsuck!

Don’t Be a Vein: Check Out These Bloody Funny Dad Jokes

1.Why did Dracula become an artist instead of going to medical school?
He didn’t want to deal with “drawing” any more blood than necessary!
2.Why doesn’t anyone trust Dracula when he tells them something?
He is known for twisting facts and telling fib-ers!
3.What’s Dracula’s favorite type of cereal?
Frosted bites!
4.Why would we all be in trouble if Iron Man and Blade ever teamed up against us humans?
They both really know how to bring down our hemoglobin levels!
5.Why aren’t vampires allowed near children’s hospitals anymore?
Because they keep giving them coffin fits!
6.How come every time someone mentions Count Chocula around Dracula, he gets upset and leaves town fast?
It reminds him too much of breakfast food; it brings back some raw memories!
7.How can you tell if your dog is really Count Barkula in disguise?
If they only bark at night when other animals try and disturb your sleep (or suck your fur-covered wrists), then they might be part-vampire themselves!
8.Why isn’t there any romantic music played at costume parties thrown by vampires or werewolves together?

There are always way too many fake howls coming from moonlight dancers who can’t keep their fangs off each other while dancing cheek-to-cheek!

9.Drake loved this one song so much that everyone thought she must have been bitten by something; turns out she was just stung by Cupid over Valentine’s Day – again!

That silly girl needs help learning about what love means before she keeps getting herself into vampiric trouble!

10.Have y’all heard why Frankenstein doesn’t work as well as planned?

Because every time he tries hooking up jumper cables or giving himself shock therapy sessions, all people see are lightning bolts shooting out like fireworks after dusk – which makes humans scream loud enough for miles away…