Top 50+ Best Axe Puns, Dad Jokes And Wordplays To Make You Laugh Out Loud

In this very funny pun article, we have come up with and collected the best axe puns, dad jokes and wordplay to make you LOL.

“Chop Chop! The Top 10 Axe Pun Puns That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud”

1. Why did the axe go to therapy? It had some deep-seated issues.
2. What did the axe say to the tree? “I’ve got a splitting headache!”
3. How do lumberjacks make important decisions? They axe for advice.
4. I tried to tell an axe joke, but it didn’t land. It was a bit choppy.
5. Why did the axe break up with the hammer? It just couldn’t handle the pressure.
6. What do you call an axe that plays music? A chopstick.
7. Why did the axe murderer quit his job? He couldn’t handle the grind.
8. Did you hear about the axe that went to school? It got expelled for cutting class.
9. What did the axe say to the log? “Let’s stick together.”
10. How does an axe keep in shape? By hitting the gym regularly.

“Axe-cellent Humor: Hilarious Dad Jokes and Puns About Axes”

1. I asked my dad if I could borrow his axe. He said, “I’ll axe you a question first.”
2. Why did the dad take his axe to the kitchen? He wanted to chop parsley.
3. How do dads talk to their axes? They have a sharp conversation.
4. Why did the dad axe for a new blade? He needed to upgrade to a chip off the old block.
5. What did the dad say when his axe was missing? “I’ve been axed out of the loop!”
6. Why did the dad buy his axe a new pair of shoes? He wanted to give it a good footing.
7. How does a dad axe a tree politely? He says, “Timber, please!”
8. My dad told me he was going to become a lumberjack. I told him he really knows how to axe a question.
9. What did the dad tell the tree that apologized for dropping leaves on his axe? “Leaf me alone!”
10. Why did the dad axe for a raise at work? He needed more chopping power.

“Splitting Sides: Funny and Clever Axe Puns Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day”

1. Why did the axe-murderer become a comedian? He wanted to axe jokes for laughs instead.
2. How do you get an axe to laugh? You tell it a splintered joke.
3. Why did the axe bring an umbrella to the forest? It was expecting some choppy weather.
4. What do you call an axe that likes to dance? A chop-and-rock.
5. I told my friend an axe joke, but it went over their head. It was a real cutting edge joke.
6. Why did the axe need therapy? It had some deep-rooted cutting issues.
7. How do lumberjacks go on vacation? They axe-plore new territory.
8. The axe was feeling down, so I told it to branch out and see the forest for the trees.
9. What did the lumberjack say when he found the perfect tree to axe? “This one is a cut above the rest!”
10. Why did the axe need a break? It was feeling a bit axhausted from all the work.

“Laughing Sharply: The Best Axe-Related Jokes and Puns for Any Occasion”

1. Why do axes make terrible comedians? They always fall flat.
2. What did the axe say to the piece of firewood? “Let’s stick together and make some sparks!”
3. How does an axe stop a friend from making bad decisions? It cuts them off.
4. I told my friend a joke about an axe, but it didn’t hit the mark. It was a swing and a miss.
5. Why did the axe go to school for extra help? It wanted a sharpening lesson.
6. What did the axe say to the chainsaw? “You’re cutting into my business!”
7. How does an axe hit the bullseye every time? It’s sharp-shooting skills are on point.
8. Why did the lumberjack bring an extra axe to work? He wanted to be double-armed for any tree-mendous tasks.
9. How does an axe rule the forest? It’s always the sharpest tool in the shed.
10. What did the lumberjack say when his axe was stolen? “Whoever took it is barking up the wrong tree!”

“Swinging Into Laughter: Unbe-leaf-ably Funny Axe Puns That Will Have You Rolling”

1. Why did the lumberjack bring his axe on the camping trip? He wanted to have a chopping good time.
2. How does an axe get invited to parties? It always knows how to liven up the chopping block.
3. What did the axe say when it was feeling down? “I need a little axe-ercise to lift my spirits.”
4. Why did the axe win the talent show? It had a chop-tastic performance.
5. How does an axe make friends in the forest? It doesn’t leaf anyone out.
6. Why did the axe get kicked out of the woodworking class? It was always making cutting remarks.
7. What did the axe say to the lumberjack who was having a bad day? “Just axe me how I’m feeling, I’m here to chop it up.”
8. How does an axe save money? It knows how to chop costs.
9. Why did the lumberjack trust the axe with his secrets? It always keeps things under wraps.
10. What did the axe say to the log that didn’t want to be chopped? “It’s time to face the music, we need to stick together for a good cause.”