Top 50+ Best Airplane Puns, Dad Jokes And Wordplays To Make You Laugh Out Loud

In this very funny pun article, we have come up with and collected the best airplane puns, dad jokes and wordplay to make you LOL.

Flying High with Laughter: The Top Airplane Puns to Take Off Your Day

1. Why did the airplane break up with the runway? It just needed some space.
2. What do you call an airplane that’s not very good at landing? A flying saucer.
3. How do airplanes stay in touch during a flight? They use jet-phones.
4. Why don’t airplanes ever play hide and seek? Because good pilots are always in plain sight.
5. Did you hear about the airplane that went on a diet? It wanted to be a little lighter for takeoff.
6. What did the airplane say to the pilot who wasn’t paying attention? “You’re not cleared for landing!”
7. How do airplanes make decisions? They wing it!
8. Why was the math book sad on the airplane? It had too many problems.
9. What’s an airplane’s favorite type of music? Jet rock.
10. Why did the airport security guard break up with his girlfriend? She kept giving him baggage.

Pilot Puns that Will Have You Flying First Class in Humor

1. What did the pilot say before taking off on a stormy day? “Let’s weather this together.”
2. How does a pilot answer their phone while flying? “Wing, wing!”
3. Why don’t pilots ever get lost at sea? Because they always know which whey to turn.
4. What kind of tree can you find on every airline pilot’s property? An air-port tree.
5. How do pilots keep cool during hot flights? They use air conditioning!
6. What did the pilot say to their co-pilot before takeoff? “Let’s raise some altitude!”
7. Why did all the passengers applaud after landing safely? They were just winging it!
8. Where do pilots go when they need new uniforms? The fly mart!
9. Why do pilots make terrible comedians? Their jokes always crash and burn.
10.What do you call a dog who is also a pilot? A bark-o-naut.

Fasten Your Seatbelts for These Hilarious In-Flight Dad Jokes

1.”Why don’t airplanes ever get lost?” Because they always nose where they’re going!
2.”What’s an airplane’s favorite snack?” Plane pretzels!
3.”Why are airplanes so good at solving mysteries?” Because they always have lots of leads!
4.”What happened when the plane got sick?” It had to call in-air-support!
5.”Why was the math book sad during its trip on an airplane?” It couldn’t handle all those takeoffs and landings!
6.”What kind of plane can cut through anything?” A machete-plane!
7.”How does an airplane stay warm during winter flights?” With jet stream heaters!
8.”What sound does an excited plane make?” “Plane-tastic!”
9.”Why don’t airplanes ever get cold feet before takeoff?” Because they always have their socks-on-a-airplane mode turned on!
10.”How does Santa Claus deliver presents via airplane?” He uses his yuletide wings!

Get Ready for a Laugh Attack: The Funniest Airplane Puns Around

1.Why was Cinderella so bad at playing poker on airplanes?
She kept folding her wings
2.Why didn’t anyone laugh at my joke about landing gear?
It was too tire-ing
3.How can you tell when your plane has dropped from 36,000 feet to 24,000 feet?
The passengers start getting cynical
4.What’s worse than being stuck behind someone kicking your seat?
Being seated beside someone chewing loudly
5.I’m writing this article while flying over Kansas; I must have suffered writer’s block as we hit turbulence because now I’m just shaking my head violently
6.Too lazy to walk around town by foot, so I took one step into my private jet instead
7.I used to be afraid of flying but then I realized that fear is actually what keeps planes up in air…right?
8.If laser printers were designed by airline companies it would probably run out of ink halfway through printing your boarding pass
9.I got pulled over by police once—turned out it’s only illegal if you’re driving one
10.Halfway across Atlantic Ocean: “I left my wallet back home – hope there’s no overhead charges”

From Winged Wonders to Jet-Set Jokes: The Ultimate Compilation of Aviation Humor

1.Want guaranteed speedier check-in times every time you fly commercial airlines?
Just show up late
3.My first-ever flight left me with mixed feelings—you could say there was turbulence between us
4.It really only takes one fat person sitting next to me eating Cheetos loudly with mouth open for me decide private jets are worth any cost
5.Feel like there are never enough peanuts served onboard flights these days—I bet squirrels weren’t invited due food chain politics or something
6.Airlines should hand out trophies after every successful flight…
After all we just landed giant metal tubes safely back onto Earth
7.Isn’t aerophobia basically worrying about metal birds minding manners whilst carrying us across time zones safely back down again?
8.Sadly slept through entire safety instructions…so brb checking life vest under seat cushion now
9.Hate seeing beachballs deflate soon as summer starts winding down but nothing quite like watching inflated life raft float away from sinking plane
10.Will never understand why airports insist passengers power-down electronics right before boarding but later allow cell phones in-flight mode—it’s almost like suggesting FOMO will work itself out once airborne