Top 4 Comedy Shows to Watch in 2020

What’s your best comedy show or series in 2020?

Have you qualified for any?


You must have qualified some and picked a favorite by this time of the year. If you haven’t, it isn’t too late to start looking for your next favorite comedy show or series.

The world is experiencing so many issues today, ranging from sexual identity crisis to notable racial differences. And, comedy shows and series have diverse plots with tasty and exciting juice.

2018 was highlighted by great comedy shows and series such as Young Sheldon and Summer Heights set in an Australian public school. On the other hand, 2019 was even better with Barry season 1 and Dear White People season 2 making entertainment headlines.


2020 came with the need to experience more laughter. It’s a year where most things didn’t go as planned, making it the best time to enjoy some of the best comedies in the entertainment world.

Whether you watch your comedies on T.V., Netflix, ShowMax, or any other streaming platform online, prefer comedies from the past, or simply have a preference for U.K. or U.S. comedies, there’s something for everyone to have a good laugh.

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We’ve reviewed 6 of the greatest comedy gems to watch in 2020. Choose what to watch on your lazy days or off workdays to get a strong dose of laughter to raise your low spirits because 2020 hasn’t been easy. Read on to make a selection!

4 Comedy Shows and Series to Keep You Laughing in 2020

The Good Place: Season 4

The Good Place is a charming, pleasant, and enlightening comedy series. It has made a curve in the world of comedy that’s yet to be rivaled. It challenges you with endless suspense that leaves you in awe.

The comedy is about a destination, town, where good people go after death. An architect, Michael (Danson), ascertains that everything goes well as expected. He’s responsible for creating the town. However, Eleanor (Bell) arrives at a good place with every wrong thing except her name.

However, she isn’t supposed to be in a good place. Fortunately, she gets a chance to make things right with the assistance of her soul mate Chidi (Harper). She does that to get a chance in a good place.

One Day At A Time: Season 3

This comedy series is creative and outright funny. Reproduced from its earlier version, the comedy proves that dynamics can help recreate originality into something new and better.

The storyline covers three generations of a family living in the same house. The newly-divorced military veteran is a mother living with her teen son, her mom (the grandmother to her children is unapologetically old-school), and a teen daughter.

The comedy has lots of intelligence, sarcasm, and high-level acting abilities converged into cognizant comical content of the time. It targets a highly-enlightened audience.

Dear White People: Season 3

The title of this comedy series, as revealed halfway episode 1, is a misnomer. The story is about blacks addressing stereotypes and racial differences without relevance. However, the white man insists on tagging them into civilization depths.

The comedy satires racial issues during the Obama reign provocatively. It features four African-American students during their schooling in a white-dominated college. The comedy focuses on the students’ social life and racial politics.

It carefully addresses flaws in the American system, including overlooked societal racial discrimination. The comedy shows how society openly embraces diversity as it opposes it passionately.

Activist Samantha White (Tess Thompson) is elected as the traditional black residence hall’s head. She, in turn, creates a culture war of college campuses to address traditional stereotypes regarding being black.

The popular and provocative radio show presenter ignites controversial conversations aimed at addressing sensitive campus issues. Unfolding in surprising ways, the comedy story leaves you hooked even after an episode comes to an end. You’re left trying to figure out the next episode’s plot.

The Big Mouth: Season 3

Gradually spreading into adult content, this animation demystifies conventional thinking that such images are only meant for kids. Based on a modern teen’s life and how the character deals with sudden body changes, Big Mouth is one of the prisoners who’ve been freed.

The character’s teen friends – Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, Jennifer Flackett, and Mark Levin – awaken to the wonder-filled and confusing facts about changes taking place in their bodies. They undergo puberty’s mysteries as they live generally.

The subtle imagery is creatively used to explain a point, leaving viewers in chronic laughter from the start to finish of an episode.


Before watching any of these comedies, switch to your movie zone with a bowl of your favorite snacks to get comfortable. Laugh your way out of 2020 and the tough year that it has been for everyone worldwide.