The Best Comedy Specials of 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many industries, and comedy specials are not an exception. Many Blockbuster comedy specials that were supposed to be released in 2020 have been canceled or pushed back. Many will have to be modified to rhyme with the current situation. Despite this unfortunate turn of events, exceptional comedy specials are doing the rounds. They include:

Time Machine

Leslie Jones is a talented stage performer whose comedies keep her audience thrilled. In Time Machine, she creates a memorable embodiment of time travel. The film includes a special event where Jones tries to flirt with the prince. Although she later denied it, it’s obvious she intends to be romantically involved with the king.

Sweet and Salty

Fortune Feimster likes courting controversy. Unlike other comedians whose style is strictly novel, Femister has a performance that is personally revealing. Fortunately, she’s not the first comedian to use sexuality, isolation, and childhood trauma as a backdrop for comedy. Her comedy special of Sweet and Salty is impressive and magnetic. It’s a comedy that can help you navigate through the youth crisis while being entertained. Moreover, some of the things she talks about are based on her own personal experience.

Weakness is the Brand

Maria Bamford’s comedy special is emotional and intelligent. She cleverly balances her feelings with reality. Bamford makes fun of how other people’s brains work and how generosity can be misinterpreted. Weakness is the Brand comedy special is a limited release on Amazon. It has picked up some great ratings recently.


Quarter Life Crisis

The 20s and early 30s are a time of discovery and great changes in a person’s life. Taylor Tomlinson shows how finding love in your 20s can be uninspiring and full of fake expectations. She spurns the typical lifestyles of millennials into something else. Lucky Taylor had a childhood filled with wonderful events. She uses this experience to make fun of dating, parenting, and friendship.

End Times Fun

Marc Maron is an apocalyptic comedian who makes fun of the pandemic that is ravaging the country. This means that Marc Maron specializes in dark humor. Some people find his jokes outrageous and not funny at all. In End Times Fun, Marc Maron talks about his book of revelation and how we live in the end times. This is a fantastic satire of Iron Man, Jesus, and the current coronavirus pandemic.

Stay-at-home Comedian

The pandemic has made remote working a necessity. Ted Alexandria makes fun of the situation from the standpoint of a comedian. Most comedians are used to cracking jokes in front of a huge crowd, but the pandemic has made that impossible. The audience is now composed primarily of online viewers.

As a comedian, Ted Alexandro is well aware of the strangeness of online stand-up comedy. That is because cheers and laughs from the audience are part of the show. This is impossible to accomplish in a live-streaming comedy show.

I Love Everything

Patton Oswalt considers himself the ultimate comedy outcast. Unlike most comedians, Patton Oswalt does not talk about where he comes from, how he was brought up, his family, and his current life. Instead, he concentrates on creating an imaginary character. This imaginary character lives in a world with no rules. Oswald has perfected this art of creating an imaginary world where serial killers and nuns live together as friends.


Hannah Gadsby gained fame when she starred in the famous comedy special Nanette. Her latest release is Douglas, which has received mixed reviews. Although Douglas will not attain the popularity level that Nanette reached, it is still a great production. The other features from Nanette, such as an extended introduction and intricate details, are still present.

Momma I Made It

Yvonne Orji is a dynamic stand up comedian with attractive jokes that make it hard to ignore her. Moreover, she’s a methodical person with a comprehensive collection of carefully prepared material. Her jokes range from why well pumps can be labor-intensive to how to choose the one that can help you.

In Momma I Made It, she is at the peak of her meticulous performance. The comedy special has hilarious characters living in a powerful background. As a Nigerian-American, she has mastered rhythmic control, mimicry, and intense observation.


The pandemic has brought the world to a stop. But that does not mean we shouldn’t enjoy some comedy specials. That is why we have presented this list of the best comedy specials you should check out today.