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Mail Order Comedy is a sketch comedy blog living up to its name. We are rooted in anything sketch comedy. From the latest sketch comedy news to trending topics, updates on the latest shows, we give fans a way to be closer to their sketch comedy stars. We provide you with new video releases, celebrity updates, and reviews. Downloads of your favorite sketch comedy videos, whether old or new, are available. We recommend the best sketch comedy videos. You can also know more about how sketch comedy works and the best comedy crew.

If you’re a die-hard sketch comedy fan, you’ll enjoy your visit to our blog, as it promises to deliver everything you need to know about the world of sketch comedy.


Sketch comedy has witnessed lots of changes since its vaudeville days. Sketch comedy has not restricted itself to the stage alone. Instead, it has unleashed itself on TVs, lying in wait on the internet, ready to be summoned on our gadgets.

The past two decades have been especially defining for sketch comedy. The internet, social media, politics, social mores, and public discourse on race and gender have significantly changed. Sketch comedy hasn’t only shown that but has also helped push those changes forward.

Throughout comedy’s evolution, sketch comedy has held its own. It can give us a new shared language for the mundane. It can also allow us to process the severe or painful aspects of our existence. Or, it can simply make us laugh.

Television sketch comedy hardly goes out of style. Plenty of sketch shows, from Key and Peele to Saturday Night Live has graduated to celebrated careers.


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Mail Order Comedy started in 2017. It was founded to create a place where you can get all things to sketch comedy at the tip of your fingers. We intend to make people appreciate sketch comedy better. 

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