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1. Austin Anderson- Adam grew up with this crazy bastard in Omaha You might recognize him from some dungeon vids. Austin’s an awesome stand-up comic, CHECK HIM OUT!

2. Melinda- Bang Victim and zombie retard teacher. What a trooper.

3. Ian Backer- Our Super Sound Guy and Tecate aficionado .

4. Annie Savage- Bruce Romaine’s mom and a fellow National Lampoon Lemming. A total sweetheart.

5. John Schaller- From time to time Big John  gets in the editing bay for us. Check out his website

6. Taylor Williamson- When he’s not asking for John Hancock’s Taylor’s a badass stand-up comic! CHECK HIM OUT!

7. Ben Watkins- Ben has hooked us up with a lot of dope equipment. He also has a sweet production company he started with Kyle=

8. Dana Pacheco- Not only did she play a hooker in Crossbows and Mustaches but she fed the entire crew for a whole week! This woman knows how to please a man!

9. Thomas Kellogg- His voice is beautiful, his body is flawless, his mind is fucked up. Check out his videos!

10. Jason “The Duce” Justin- The Commissioner’s son, a true actors actor, aka he’s bi.

11. Brando- An all around go to guy on set. Brando is the best!

12. Yord- He’s the man responsible for the M.O.C. theme song on the front page. His guitar/bass playing is out of this world! Hear some of his stuff here!

13. Christy Castellanos- From hookers to Paula Abdul, Christy can do it all! She’s also a master of makeup and bilingual-HOT!

14.&15. Buffy and Caroline-  These two ladies were in the original M.O.C. pilot and have been in various sketches since. Check out their new sketch group “The Buffies” they crack us up.

16. Jason Jenson- The Wizard behind the special effects in Crossbows. He’s 2 legit 2 quit.

17. Jillian Bell- The funniest girl in the world. She’s in our vids does our live shows and is a NL Lemming with us. We love her.

18. Grant Smith- Grant is the magician behind the camera in almost every video we’ve done and one of the coolest dudes you’ll ever meet. I mean look at that beard!

19. Adam Newacheck- Kyle’s little brother, he’s pretty much a genius when it comes to anything to do with movie making.

20. Ange- Loyal fan, drinking buddy, muse. Just cute as a button.

21. Carlo- The whole Mutagen X lab was constructed by this man.

22. Ole Holm- Ders’ brother. He’s fucking crazy/crazy fucking awesome. You have to watch his videos, there outta this world.

Let us Rock!