Stand-up comedy is fun, making it something you would want to watch more often. Various online platforms have so many fun comedy videos that you can watch.


The advantage is that you can watch the videos in the convenience of your home.

Most people prefer streaming videos online. Statistics show that in the year 2017, about 56 exabytes of internet videos were consumed monthly. And, it’s estimated that the figure would quadruple five years later.

An online platform like YouTube records more than 500 million hours of videos that are watched online daily.

Marketers have also taken advantage of these online videos, and they use the same platforms for advertisement. It’s recorded that approximately 87% of online marketers use video content.

The good thing about watching comedy online is that you can use any device that’s convenient to you. Some people use mobile phones that are easy to carry around; hence they can continue viewing comedy videos on the go.

A survey done in 2018 revealed that 62% of the study respondents watched online videos from their mobile devices.

There are lots of comedy videos available online. All you need when watching a stand-up comedy online is to enjoy yourself and be happy. Below are eight tips for enjoying stand-up comedy online:

  • If the site you’re using offers premium services, only pay after seeking certainty
  • Personal security when streaming comedy online
  • Check the site’s update frequency
  • Check for the reliability of the site
  • Don’t force yourself to watch a video when you don’t feel like
  • Invite friends to keep you company when watching comedy
  • Make sure that your snacks are ready
  • Decide earlier on the stand-up comedy video you’ll watch

1. If the site you are using offers premium services, only pay after seeking certainty

Most authentic sites that offer stand-up comedy videos need you to pay for the services first. Make sure you seek adequate information about the authenticity of the site before you pay your money.

After confirming that the site is genuine, go ahead and confirm if they offer more stand-up comedy videos. Don’t pick a site that is expensive but only have a few collections of comedy videos.

2. Personal security when streaming comedy online

Make sure you protect yourself against identity theft. Online resources are convenient, but they can be dangerous.

Some sites offering stand-up comedy videos might require you to enter your personal information so that you can successfully log in and access the comedy content.

Don’t be careless with your personal information. There could be hackers and malicious people that are just waiting to get their hands on your personal information so that they can use it to commit illegal activities at your expense.

Some of the ways you can ensure that you are protected from identity theft are using security software, being private about your information, using strong passwords, and having strict privacy settings.

You can also invest in identity theft protection solutions. If you’re new to this, first find out what is LifeLock or any other solution available online. You can also check out lifelock competitors to get a good alternative to LifeLock for similar results.

3. Check the site’s update frequency

The site you are using should be able to update their online stores and upload new interesting stand-up comedy videos. Avoid dormant sites that take long to give you proper comedy “dosage.”

Some sites are prone to having the same old videos for long, and it is a problem for them to upload other new interesting comedy videos.

4. Check for the reliability of the site

Before opening any stand-up comedy video, you need to make sure that the site on which you are accessing the video is reliable and secure. There are some sites that are not authentic with hackers just waiting for you to access the sites so that they can take advantage of you.

Such sites might have malware that can destroy your device. This will end up ruining your moment.

5. Don’t force yourself to watch a video when you don’t feel like

It’s not all the times that you want to sit in front of your screen to stream stand-up comedy videos. Only watch when you’re in the mood to do so. If you’re too busy, you can save the videos for watching later.

6. Invite friends to keep you company when watching comedy

Comedy is more fun when you’re in a group. Laughing alone might feel awkward, so you won’t be able to express your happiness fully. You can invite your favorite friends who share the same taste of comedy to enjoy the fun moment together.

7. Make sure that your snacks are ready

The best way to increase your enjoyment when watching a comedy or any other video is to eat some snacks. Get your favorite snacks ready to further enjoy your favorite stand-up comedy.

There’re many snacks that you can eat while watching comedy. They include popcorns, crisps, and chocolates. The right choice of the snack to eat when watching your best comedy depends on your preference.

8. Decide earlier on the stand-up comedy video you’ll watch

Please make your mind on the comedy video you will watch on a particular day. This helps to keep you psychologically prepared. Doing so also saves your time as you won’t have to scroll through the many collections looking for something to watch.

With your specific video in mind, you will need to search the name, sit down and enjoy your stand-up comedy. At least have a vague idea about the comedy video you are about to watch. This helps because you won’t have to waste your time watching substandard videos.


Comedy is one of the best video genres you can ever watch. They’re handy at times when you feel that all you want is to watch some jokes to make you laugh.

Before the era of the internet, people used to gather or book tickets for a comedy event. But, with technology, it’s now possible to watch any comedy of your choice online.