4 Security Tips for Live Comedy Shows

Outdoor festivals live shows, and concerts have been the target of several terrorist attacks since the turn of the century. One factor they all have in common that has is the presence of a large number of people. And this is evidenced in the November 2018 mass shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oates, CA, and the 2017 Rouge 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas, NV.

Besides terrorist attacks, these events are prone to riots and stampedes, which mostly turn out to be fatal. These situations have made events like these the target of a wide range of security efforts aimed at preventing attacks or dousing them should they ever arise.

When planning for a people-intensive event like a live stand-up comedy show, many efforts need to ensure guests and showgoers’ maximum security. As the host of the event, you have to ensure that guests are safe from harm or any form of physical attack; you can’t afford to leave anything to chance. However, most time, it’s the last factor show organizers put into consideration.

Wherever there’s a gathering of a large number of people, there’s a security threat. It could come from showgoers or external factors. Regardless of the danger or source, show organizers must pay utmost attention to security, as the potential consequences of a security compromise are usually fatal.

In this article, we’ll be examining four tips to follow when hosting a live comedy show.

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Have a Deep Knowledge of the  Venue


Knowing the venue inside and out is one of the first steps towards ensuring guests’ security at your event. A live comedy show can attract a large gathering of people of various social classes, and therefore, is prone to many security threats. As a show organizer or host, having an advanced idea of the venue’s porous or otherwise nature is necessary. Achieving this sometimes requires studying the blueprint of the structure.

Also, carry out a clean sweep of the surroundings of the venue. Deploy metal detectors and scanners to fish out harmful metallic objects that may pose a danger during the show. If the location is an outdoor space close to a pool or fountain, you should scan the water for harmful objects with waterproof metal detectors. In case you’re new to them, you could get started with a version for beginners.

Doing this will enable you to identify all entry points and make efforts at securing them to ensure there’re no surprises. It’s a must-know for everyone involved in putting the event together.

Keep Communication at 100%


Smooth communication flow is essential to ensure you adequately address security concerns before and during a live comedy show. It allows everyone involved to report any irregularities that may arise during the event. There should be an obstructed flow of communication channels used by your staff and hired professional security detail. Ensure everyone gets a walkie-talkie to communicate with one another effortlessly.

Before the event’s commencement, go through the security map or plan with everyone involved to be on the same page and avoid misunderstandings.

Have Medical Support Available

Making provisions for emergency medical support is highly essential for a crowd-pulling event like a live comedy show. Emergencies may arise from several factors, including unexpected food allergies, injuries sustained during altercations, unforeseen medical conditions, etc. Before the event, arrange for medical personnel to be on the ground to handle any emergency that might spring up.


Properly Screen Show-Goers for Harmful Materials


This exercise is another security tip you should adopt for your live comedy show. Most of the time, guests are real security threats. Controlling their activities requires setting up screening points at the entrance of the venue. Ensure everyone comes with evidence of registration.

Also, mount a bag check section where people with bags can have them checked. Look out for harmful items like knives, guns, glass bottles, tasers, etc., and seize them if found. Further, check for alcohol and don’t admit inebriated guests; they pose a significant danger to other showgoers. You should ensure strict compliance with protocols, and you should evict defaulters to prevent a breakdown of order.




We can’t overemphasize the importance of preparing an in-depth security plan for a live comedy show. Whether big or small, an event needs adequate security measures put in place. The larger it is, the more likely it is for something to go wrong, so you’ve got to prepare to respond to any emergency. A well-organized and safe event leaves everyone fulfilled.