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For five years, the sketch show brought a subversive kind of comedy to the primetime lineup. Then you had gems like “You bet your sweet bippy!” and “Here come da judge!” Ultimately, the show’s dynamic cast and unpredictable routines paved the way for “Saturday Night Live.”

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Sketch comedy embodies a series of short scenes or vignettes known as “sketches.” These sketch scenes are often between one and ten minutes long. Sketch comedies are performed by a comedian group, either on stage or through audio (radio) or visual medium (television).

Simply put, a sketch is an exploration of a concept, character, or situation in a comedic manner. If you enjoy watching comedy movies or even stand-up comedy, you’ll love sketch comedy even more.

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Themme Fatale

Total Eclipse of the Art

Midnight With Chris Hardwick

Witch Show

The End Is Nye

True Conspirators

Friends Without Benefits

Romancing the Sketch

Reaper Madness

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Get the newest sketch comedy videos as they’re released. You won’t be left behind when your favorite crew releases a video. We’ll keep you covered by getting your new sketch comedy videos straight from the comedians. You can download them and fill your gallery with the types of videos you enjoy.

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Mail Order Comedy started in 2017. It was founded to create a place where you can get all things to sketch comedy at the tip of your fingers. We intend to make people appreciate sketch comedy better. 

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